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QuickFix - Website

I know alot about Coding and WordPress. So i can quickly access your site, fix any problems you might be having, update, or edit the site content.


There are so many websites that your target audience can choose from. How do you stand out? Due to a unique appearance online. I provide a well-functioning website where your target group can find information and take the desired action. A combination of my knowledge and your preferences.


If I'm going to make a web design for you, you naturally want to know how i will do this and what you can expect. I ensure that your vision and objectives flow seamlessly into a graphic design for your website, webshop, or landing page.

Webdevelopment Workflow

Here i will explain how i work and what you can expect from me.

Become a Client
  • Inventory

    I want to get to know you. Here I discuss what you want with the website. What are your goals? What is your vision? What do you value? What do you like? I will gather as much information as possible during this phase.

  • Design phase

    I will work with the information obtained. First of all, I will set up the entire structure (user experience). I do this by making wireframes, the construction drawings of a website. When all wireframes are made, we move on to the user interface, the visual design.

    I develop in small parts. In this way, we will always stay on point. For example, I first deliver the homepage, then the services + about us page, then projects + articles page, et cetera. This depends on the project.

    I optimize the wireframes and designs until you are satisfied. We have no limit to feedback moments. I will only proceed to the next phase if you fully support the design!

    Because I see design as a separate service, you can find an extensive text about the web design phase here. Do you already have a design? Then we skip this phase.

  • Construction phase

    Once the graphic design is approved, I will start building. Because we want to involve you in this process as much as possible, you can follow the progress every Friday on a test server (you will receive a link with a login).

  • Test phase

    After building the website, I will test it extensively. I will ensure that everything runs perfectly, the back, the front on every device and different browsers.

  • Introduction & live!

    When the website is (almost) ready for delivery, you will receive an introduction to the CMS. You want to get off to a good start right away. Everything is also prepared in terms of hosting, e-mails, and other peripheral matters.

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